No. Item Price
L50 什會飯 Assorted Meats and Seafood with Vegetable on Rice 8.95
L51 斑腩豆腐飯 Grouper and Tofu on Rice 8.50
L52 粟米斑塊飯 Grouper with Sweet Corn on Rice 8.50
L53 蝦龍糊 Shrimps in Lobster Sauce on Rice 8.50
L54 滑蛋蝦仁飯 Shrimps with Scrambled Egg Sauce on Rice 8.50
L55 魚香茄蝦飯 Shrimps with Eggplant in Spicy Garlic Sauce on Rice 8.95
L56 咖哩鮮魷飯 Calamari with Curry Sauce on Rice 8.50