Chef’s Recommendations

No. Item Price
S1 客家炒麵 Haka Chow Mein 10.95
S2 椒鹽鮮魷 Deep Fried Calamari with Salt & Pepper 11.95
S3 左宗棠雞 General Tso Chicken 11.95
S4 乾扁四季豆 Dry Sauteed String Bean Szechuan Style (with/without Meat) 10.95
S5 椒鹽肉排 Pork Chop with Spice & Pepper 10.95
S6 檸檬雞 Lemon Chicken 12.95
S7 蒜茸豆苗 Snow Pea Leaves with Chopped Garlic 11.95
S8 湖南牛肉 Hunan Beef 12.95
S9 香橙鴨 Orange Duck 15.95
S10 鐵板中式牛柳 Beef Tenderloin Chinese Style on Sizzling Platter 14.95
S11 椒鹽斑塊 Deep Fried Grouper with Spicy Salt 13.95
S12 豉汁西蘭花雙鮮 Shrimps & Scallops with Broccoli in Black Bean Sauce 14.95
S13 椒鹽大蝦 Deep Fried Jumbo Shrimps with Spicy Salt 14.95
S14 四川脆牛柳 Spicy Crispy Shredded Beef 12.95